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The first impression to your wedding or special event begins with how you invite your guests to your celebration with an invitation. Will it be simple and sweet? Modern with a bold colour? Or, how about 'nautical' inspired design? Whatever it may be, stationery plays a big part in setting the theme and mood for your special day - and that is where Dandelion Willows comes into play. We LOVE this stuff!

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Tailored by Dandelion Willows is our custom designed wedding invitations and stationery. Using your visions, colours and theme, we make your dreams (or Pinterest boards) a reality!

We have many swatch books, colour samples and embellishment ideas to help make each piece unique and tailored just for you. We LOVE the little details.

For our Tailored clientele, we like to have a one on one consultation to go over everything in person (or via FaceTime) . We find this important in the process of achieving exactly what you have envisioned. Plus - we love chatting!

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Inspired by Dandelion Willows showcases a variety of different invitation suites and day of stationery items influenced by brides, design trends and my own personal inspirations.

This collection is perfect for a bride on a budget and who needs to see every detail already designed. With colours customizable to your wedding scheme, this line of stationery is a great alternative to custom design.


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